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Nerepis Lodge (2012) Inc.
130 Gorham Road,
Browns Flat, NB
E5M 2P2 Canada
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Black Bear Hunts

***NEW bear hunt pricing!***

Black Bear Hunt - $2,000 (plus taxes & license).

Note on pricing: Taxes (13% HST) come to $260 and your license cost is $185 (which includes HST tax and conservation fees). Total/Final price for a black bear hunt, all inclusive, is $2,000 (hunt package) + $260 (HST) = $2,260. Add $185 (for license) for a total of $2,445. All prices are in US Funds.
Deposit Schedule: An initial downpayment/deposit of $1,000 is required to reserve your spot. A second payment (confirmation payment) of $500 is required by April 1 (for all spring hunts) to confirm your attendance/booking. For fall hunts, confirmation payment is required by July 1. The remaining balance of $945 is due upon your arrival at the lodge.
General Bear Hunting Info

We have more than 300 active bait sites that are periodically baited to keep bears around. We regularly and consistently maintain enough baits (plus additional spare sites) for the appropriate number of upcoming hunts. Our spare sites are used for late bookings and for times where our hunting strategies require changing sites to improve a hunter's odds in taking a bear. We typically plan to have an average of 2 to 3 ready-to-hunt sites per hunter.

We hunt our stands from mid-late afternoon until dark. The hunter is dropped off at their stand and picked up later. If a hunter shoots early, we use various communication methods to connect the hunter with their guide.

All our prices on all our packages are "ALL INCLUSIVE" - this means we include EVERYTHING in our price. All taxes, licenses, tags, permits, meals, lodging, guides, cook, cleaning, transportation during your stay, animal handling, skinning and meat preparation is included. And we promise that we NEVER charge you any trophy fees!

We strive to give you a top-level, high quality hunting experience - as that is one of our top priorities for all our packages and all of our clients! We primarily use stand hunting methods only, and as earlier mentioned, we have an average of 2 to 3 ready-to-hunt bait sites per hunter to guarantee the best opportunity for each. Also, as part of our commitment to each hunter to offer the best opportunity, we may use alternative hunting methods as conditions require. As with all our hunts, we guarantee an opportunity at a mature bear - that's our Action GuaranteeContact Us for more details.

For Your Info...

All our hunt prices include hunting licenses and all applicable taxes. For more on what is not included in our hunting plans, see our "What's In - What's Out" section. For details on our deposit policies and requirements, see Deposits & Refund Policy.
All prices are subject to change without notice and all prices can be subject to Fuel Surcharges under extreme fuel price fluctuations (only as they occur in the local area of operation and prior notification will be given no less than 2 weeks before your hunt).

See Hunting Seasons for exact dates. See Deposits & Refund Policy for booking requirements.







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